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Research today: Aidan McKearney discusses Sexual Citizenship

Date: 15 February 2018
Time: 12:00 - 13:00

LSBU Southwark Campus - London Road building, LR391

Organiser: Karin Moser
Contact details: 020 7815 7701,
Price: Free
Research today

Season four of our “research today!” seminars launches on 15 February, featuring Aidan McKearney who will be discussing Sexual Citizenship, moderated by Prof Karin Moser

This talk discusses some key findings from a recent study, which explored the concept of sexual citizenship as it applies to the lives of gay men living in non-metropolitan areas of Britain, and Ireland. Both countries have underwent dramatic, social, legal and cultural changes over recent decades, and have witnessed profound and progressive changes in public attitudes towards lesbian, gay and bisexual people. Given historical tendencies towards a ‘metrocentric’ bias in researching gay lives, this study took place outside the large metropolitan centres of population. It travels to a world of smaller towns, villages and farms. In making this journey, the research seeks to understand the life world, and experiences of gay men living within these locales. It explores the dynamics created by the intersection of sexuality and the space of the rural. Crucially it strives to develop an understanding of the nature, depth, and scope of the men’s sexual citizenship, within their geographic context.

Forty-four men were interviewed- twenty-two in Britain, and twenty-two in Ireland. The men ranged from university students, to elderly farmers, and the study finds that men in both countries share similar experiences, concerns and worries. All of the men recall an awakening in childhood and adolescence that they were different from other male age mates, followed by a slow realisation that they could be gay. The interviews have produced testimonies revealing many examples of resilience, fortitude, acceptance and a determination to live and ‘be themselves’ within the context of an environment, which can and does pose distinct challenges for LGBT people.

The new season of “research today!” seminars opens on Thursday, 15 February 2018!

Season Four of our “research today!” seminars opens on 15 February 2018. If you haven’t been to one before, these are short presentations of emerging or new research in the Business School, followed by an informal discussion. They last an hour, they are happening every week from now until the end of term, and this season again has great talks with some exciting guests.

Who can attend?  Anyone interested can attend, no registration is needed. Just join us!

Who can present? Researchers and doctoral students from the Business School and associated guests, visitors and collaborators. This is a research forum to exchange ideas, get to know each other's research and foster collaboration in a collegial and friendly environment. The Season Four programme is full, but you can still book a spot for Season Five in the summer if you contact Fabian Scholda, RA research management.

What’s in it for me if I come along?

How long do you have? Find out about sexual citizenship, corporate disclosure and corporate governance in the Pakistani banking sector, the future of collective bargaining in Nigeria or all you need to know about publishing in high level journals and more. 

See new ways of presenting persuasively. Meet new colleagues. Discover things you have in common. Test new ideas and bring your best arguments. It could even lead to new research collaborations.

Great! Just remind me where and when?

LR391, every Thursday from 12-1pm. You don’t have to book, just roll up. We continue informally until 2pm for those who want to and have the time. Bring your lunch or coffee, and a sharp mind.

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