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REF 2021

REF 2021

Preparing for REF 2021

  • Every 6-7 years, the quality of research in UK Higher Education Institutions is assessed via the Research Excellence Framework (REF).
  • The REF results inform the allocation of over £1billion/year of government funding and comprise one of the key performance metrics for universities.
  • LSBU is currently preparing its submission to REF 2021: the submission date is 27 Nov. 2020. Achieving a strong performance in REF 2021 is crucial to enhancing LSBU’s research income, league table standing and global reputation.
  • Key to LSBU's REF 2021 strategy are its Research Centres, which underpin its Unit of Assessment (UoA) – discipline-level - REF 2021 submissions. Together with LSBU’s Research Groups, which enable researchers to cohere around emerging research areas and provide research opportunity for all, LSBU’s Research Centres provide a strategically focused and supportive environment for researchers.

LSBU's REF 2021 Code of Practice

The REF Code of Practice describes the institution’s:

  • criteria and processes for identifying which staff have Significant Responsibility for Research (SRR) and hence, are to be submitted to the REF;
  • processes for supporting staff who may have been subject to circumstances that have impeded their ability to produce research outputs for the REF;
  • processes for selecting which research outputs to submit to the REF.

LSBU submitted its REF 2021 Code of Practice for approval in early June 2019. See the submitted Code of Practice.

LSBU’s REF 2021 Code of Practice is currently being reviewed by Research England and the Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP). LSBU is also consulting with other key stakeholders to ensure that the document upholds the REF principles of Inclusivity, Transparency, Accountability and Consistency. Some elements may be liable to change once LSBU receives feedback from Research England and the Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel  in August 2019.


For further information regarding LSBU's REF 2021 submission, please contact the REF Coordinator: Dr Karl M. Smith

Key REF 2021 dates

The institution submits the Code of Practice to Research England

12pm, 7 June 2019

Funding bodies notify institutions that their respective code of practice documents meets REF requirements; or requests resubmission of the Code of Practice

16 August 2019

Institution resubmits code of practice to Research England

20 September 2019

Funding bodies notify institutions that the code of practice meets REF requirements; or requests a second resubmission of the code of practice

By 8 November 2019

Institution resubmits code of practice to funding bodies

15 November 2019

Funding body notifies institution whether or not code of practice meets REF requirements

29 November 2019

The REF census date for staff; end of assessment period for research impacts, the research environment and data about research income and research doctoral degrees awarded

31 July 2020

The REF submission deadline

27 November 2021

End of publication period (cut-off point for publication of research outputs, and for outputs underpinning impact case studies)

31 December 2020

Deadline for providing further details for outputs pending publication; redacted versions of impact case studies; and corroborating evidence held for impact case studies

29 January 2021

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