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Sport and Exercise Science Research Centre

Leader: Dr Katya Mileva, Associate Professor, Human Neurophysiology, School of Applied Sciences

Our mission is to improve knowledge and drive innovation for human performance in sport, physical activity and health. Central to this mission is the provision of inclusive research-led education and professional development.

We rank in the top 10 teams in the UK for research and teaching excellence in Sport and Exercise Science according to the combined results from the Teaching Excellence Framework 2017 and the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

Our research is consolidated into two multidisciplinary themes that address major scientific priorities and societal challenges:

  • Mind and Motion focuses on the reciprocal interactions between perception, action and cognition and their implications in sport and exercise settings. In collaboration with national and international partners, our experts in sport psychology, direct perception and human movement science utilise behavioural and multidisciplinary methods to investigate the role of the environment in the development and maintenance of expert behaviour.
  • Body and Movement focuses on understanding the human interaction with environmental factors, mechanical interventions and nutritional strategies underpinning elite sport, physical activity and health. Our experts in human physiology, biomechanics and nutrition team up with engineers, clinicians and industrial partners to generate impact for sports, rehabilitation, communities and healthy ageing.

Human Performance Centre

The affiliated Human Performance Centre is our commercial arm and delivers innovative science services under three branded themes.

  • InnovateWell for Intellectual Property generation, product testing, evaluation and development;
  • PerformWell for development and testing of tailor-made programmes for professional and recreational athletes, coaches and those wishing to initiate an active lifestyle;
  • LiveWell for tailored lifestyle assessments, interventions and guidance.
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