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Centre for Social Justice and Global Responsibility

In this time of global disruption, we provide a focal point for innovative and critical engagement with social, legal and political responses to the changing landscapes of the twenty-first century. Through the work of our research groups we examine key issues of social justice reform in diverse areas such as access to justice, crime, disability, human rights, migration and sustainability. Ultimately, we seek to challenge otherisation and work to ensure understanding and inclusiveness.

The Centre operates through seven interdisciplinary research groups covering Crime and Justice; Critical Autism/Disability Studies; Education and Social Justice; Law and Access to Justice; Race, Gender and Sexualities; Space, Place and Society; and Sustainability – Policy, Practice and Pedagogy.

Researching Society, Justice and Responsibility

Building on the work of LSBU’s Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research, and drawing on established links to academics, civil society and governments, we seek to examine critically the sources, nature and impact of social injustice, inequality and exclusion nationally and throughout the world.

Our themes are embedded in the research of a diverse group of scholars who are experts in human rights, education, law, criminology, history, international relations, politics, sociology, housing, planning and geography. The diversity of our membership facilitates the production and dissemination of interdisciplinary research, which promotes cross-cultural understanding.

Current projects

We are currently working on projects including:

  • Forced migration in post-independence Eritrea (Professor Gaim Kibreab)
  • Sexuality and human rights in postcolonial societies (Dr Shaminder Takhar)
  • An exploration of the sensory school from the perspectives of autistic pupils (Professor Nicki Martin)
  • Erasmus Project: Speaking up for Refugees (European Network of Champions for Refugees). Co-funded by the European Citizens Programme of the EU. Lead Collaborator: Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) (Adrian Budd, Ros Wade, Shaminder Takhar, Joseph Oluwale (PhD student) & Gaim Kibreab)


Education Across the Divide Conference 2019: Creative and Innovative Approaches to Inclusive Education

The Centre membership comprises over 30 LSS academics including researchers from all four of our academic divisions: Education, Law, Social Sciences and Urban, Environmental and Leisure Studies (UELS).

Visiting researchers

  • Dr Elaine Bauer
  • Professor Janet Holland
  • Professor Stina Lyons
  • Dr Yvonne Robinson
  • Professor Jeffrey Weeks

Postgraduate research students

  • Hurso Alhaji Kaka Adam
  • Neil Adams
  • Aneesa Admani
  • Jennifer Lucky Oghenovo Agemerien
  • Nelly Alfandari
  • Esther Bie Alobwede
  • Majid Alsadi
  • Lucy Catherine Arora
  • Fabienne Danielle Benoist
  • Walter Eduardo Castro Abarca
  • Tracey Marlene Celestin
  • Andrea Susan Colquhoun
  • Miguel Dias Costa
  • Claire Patricia Felix
  • Janine Rosamond Sheila FitzGerald
  • Sumanta Ghosh
  • Russell James Goodwin
  • Caroline Elizabeth Henthorne
  • Homar Holness
  • Nadia Imtiaz Riaz
  • MD Zahidul Islam
  • Olawale Abel Joseph
  • Linda Kelly
  • Judith Margaret Knowles
  • Isabel Edwina Lamptey
  • Aran Mark Lewis
  • Imran Mohammad
  • Michael James Mayhew
  • Oonagh Mary Teresa Mcgirr
  • Nikki Ngozichukwuka Morenikeji Modie-Nwaefulu
  • Quadri Mobolaji Ogunfemi
  • Alexis Preyre
  • Andrew Christopher Levett Read
  • Colston Howard Sanger
  • Sandra Ellen Woods
  • Fatema Tuz Zohora

We seek to engage with a range of academic institutions, public authorities, private institutions and third sector partners on a variety of projects relating to the range of interests of members of the Centre and the Groups.

Industry and third sector partners/partnerships

  • Zoe Leadley-Meade: Youth Violence Commission
  • Shaminder Takhar: The Fawcett Society Local Government Commission
  • Caitríona Beaumont: Voluntary Action History Society, The Fawcett Society, The Royal Historical Society
  • Ros Wade: Schumacher Institute
  • Nicki Martin: Westminster Autism Commission, National Association of Disability Practitioners
  • Craig Barker: London Centre for International Legal Practice; Squire Patton Boggs LLP; Global Investor Immigration Council

Academic collaborators

  • HEC Global Learning Centre, Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania).
  • Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research,
  • National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (Ireland), University of Akureyri Research Centre (Iceland),
  • Technical University of Catalonia (Spain).
  • Faiths and Civil Society Unit, Goldsmiths University
  • School of Architecture and Urbanism, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
  • National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture and Planning, Polytechnico di Milano, Italy
  • Sheffield Hallam University,
  • Manchester Metropolitan University,
  • Open University
  • University of Cambridge

The Centre has hosted a number of prestigious events including:

  • Criminalising Violent Pasts: Multiple Roots and Forgotten Pathways, 15-16 November 2018
  • Youth Crime and (In)Justice 28 June 2018
  • 100 Years of the Women’s Vote in Britain: How Far Have We Come 16 June 2018

Key publications

  • Kibreab, G The Eritrean National Service: Servitude for the Common Good and the Youth Exodus. James Currey, Woodbridge. ISBN 78-1-84701-160-2
  • Knowles, G, (Ed.) Supporting Inclusive Practice and Ensuring Equality is Equal for All 3rd Edition Routledge
  • Barker, JC Who cares? Dag Hammarskjold and the limits of responsibility in international law. In: Peace diplomacy, global justice and international agency: rethinking human security and ethics in the spirit of Dag Hammarskjöld. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 508-535. ISBN 9781107037205
  • Takhar, S (Ed) Gender and Race Matter: Global Perspectives on Being a Woman. Emerald, Bingley.xiii-272 ISBN 978-1786350381
  • Milburn, K Rethinking music geography through the mainstream: a geographical analysis of Frank Sinatra, music and travel. Social & Cultural Geography, 1-25. DOI 10.1080/14649365.2017.1375550
  • Beaumont, C (2017) The Mothers' Union and the Women's Movement: a history of female activism 1876-2017. Families First.
  • Eroukhmanoff, C ‘It’s not a Muslim ban!’ Indirect speech acts and the securitisation of Islam in the United States post-9/11. Global Discourse / Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought, 8. 5-25. DOI 10.1080/23269995.2018.1439873
  • Jeffrey Weeks, ‘Sexual Justice in Global Context’, in Heinskou, M. B. and Wøldike, M. E. (eds),  Byen og Blikkets Lyst: Festskift til Henning Bech, (2014).
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