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Discover everything our Southwark campus and local area has to offer on one of our Open Day tours, including student residences within 10 minutes of campus.

See our latest Open Day programme (PDF File 1,560 KB) for detailed information or read about our tours below.

TourWhat to expect
Student accommodation
Every 20 minutes
Take a tour of students' rooms in our halls of residences and find out why our accommodation is a great way to make new friends and focus on your studies. 
Every 20 minutes
Our Student Ambassadors guide small groups around the local area and introduce you to some of our key facilities, including the library, Learning Resources Centre and Academy of Sport.
In-depth tour of Learning Resources Centre (LRC)
Twice a day
Take a tour of our LRC and find out about the resources available to students 7 days a week during term-time, including over 400 PCs and software that underpins their course work and research.
In-depth library tour
Twice a day
Find out about the specific library support we offer for each course.
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