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Subject events

As well as Open Days and events which welcome all applicants, LSBU also hosts events which are tailored to your particular subject area - before and after you've applied to us.


Book on the following events before you apply to university to help you understand more about the subject area/course you're interested in and LSBU's learning, studying and social environment.

Experience Day - Undergraduate only
(Suitable for Year 12 A-level; 1st year BTEC, Access and IB; and mature students)
Many students know what area they are interested in studying but not which specific course they are most suited to. Our Experience Days will help you make an informed decision.
Taster Day - Undergraduate only
(Suitable for Year 12 A-level; 1st year BTEC, Access and IB; and mature students)
Learn more about your subject of choice at our Taster Days where LSBU academics deliver sample lectures.
Open Day - Undergraduate and Postgraduate
(Suitable for Year 12 and 13 A-level; BTEC; Access; IB; and mature students)
Visit us on an Open Day for advice on studying here from current students and academics and to get a feel for the University's surroundings. We also run how to apply evenings (Undergraduate only) and one-to-one advice sessions (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) throughout the year and weekly campus tours.


You’ve toured the campus, met the teaching staff and chosen your course. You’re now ready to apply to LSBU - wise decision. Visit your course page for details on how to apply.

Post-application events

If you're successful in your application, congratulations and welcome to LSBU. You should apply for finance and accommodation as soon as possible.

If you're an undergraduate you'll receive emails about booking on the following events, which will give you greater insight into your first semester.

Test and interviews
Dependent on course
Students applying for the following courses will be invited to a test and/or interview if their application is successful: Nursing and Midwifery applicants will take a numeracy test; all Health and Social Care courses' applicants will attend an interview; and applicants for certain School of Arts and Creative Industries courses will attend an interview.
Offer Holder Days
Undergraduate, invitation only
Offer Holder Days give you a more in-depth insight into your chosen course.
Headstart Days
Undergraduate, invitation only
Headstart Days focus in detail on the first semester. including details on induction and enrolment, and will often involve taster seminars.
Student shows and events
Offer holders, invitation only
Throughout the year current LSBU students showcase their work. Offer holders are invited to these events to chat to students about their course experiences, meet with academic staff and get an idea of what sort of work they will be producing in a few years time.


We'll next see you at enrolment and induction - exciting! For more information on this stage, visit the new students pages.

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