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Sustainability at LSBU

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At London South Bank University (LSBU), the future is always on our minds. We are committed to sustainability and the future of the planet we all share.

Some of London South Bank University's (LSBU) biggest environmental, social and economic impacts are, unsurprisingly, a result of the everyday routines which keep LSBU running. Whether you are a student, a member of staff or a visitor, the choices you make during and after your time at LSBU have wide-ranging impacts. These include the use of energy and water, the way you travel and the consumption of goods from food and drink to clothing and computers.

Sustainability Steering Group

The Sustainability Steering Group is responsible for the oversight, development and ongoing monitoring of the University environmental and sustainability policies and strategy, and is led by the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer. Its membership is as follows:

  • The Dean of the School of The Built Environment and Architecture
  • Academic professors, lecturers and staff from across LSBU’s seven Schools
  • Students, represented and led by the Students' Union President and the Ethical and Environmental Officer, as well as the President of the Student Sustainability Society

Student committee involvement

Students are involved in the Sustainability Steering Group, represented and led by the Student Union President.

The Major Projects and Investment Committee is LSBU’s chief committee concerned with estates planning, finance and resource allocation. Student representation on this committee is through the Student Union President and the Chair of the Student Union Student Council.

Budgeting for sustainability

LSBU invests in a number of ongoing sustainable initiatives. Some highlights include:

  • Supporting an LSBU Informatics student to develop a re-use and recycling app
  • A food waste recycling trial in our main administrative building
  • A competition for students on the Product Design course to develop a roof garden
  • The Fashion Revolution event
  • Bringing the Whole Earth exhibition (PDF File 1,071 KB) to LSBU to educate and engage internal as well as external stakeholders
  • Supporting cycling in the form of installing a cycle repair stand, organising cycle maintenance classes for staff and free servicing for students and staff and giving away lights and locks
  • Boosting biodiversity on site via a dedicated partnership with Bankside Open Spaces Trust
  • Driving education regarding sustainability, food and food waste with students via a dedicated event


Prof. Pat Bailey
Prof. Pat Bailey
Prof. Bailey is one of LSBU's Executive Team responsible for our approach to managing sustainability. He is Chair of the Sustainability Steering Group, which sets the strategic direction for LSBU’s sustainability programme.

The 3C's working group

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Carol Rose (Campus)
As Director of Estates and Academic Environment, Carol is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the short- and long-term development and day-to-day management of the estate. Carol is the senior manager sponsor for LSBU’s Campus Working Group, and plays an active role in the provision of sustainability initiatives across LSBU.

Estates and Academic Environment

Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes
Chris leads on monitoring and managing LSBU’s electricity, gas and water usage across the campus and is responsible for reporting LSBU’s annual carbon emissions. Working closely in collaboration with both the Estates Technical Services and Sustainability teams, he identifies and implements energy efficiency opportunities and projects.
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Ernst Weisbrod
Ernst co-ordinates and manages many key service partners including catering, cleaning, waste management and recycling, and grounds and garden maintenance. While working closely in collaboration with both the Estates Operations and Sustainability teams, he identifies and supports projects that have a positive impact on LSBU’s sustainability policies.

Procurement Services

Penny Green, LSBU
Penny Green
Penny provides professional leadership for all procurement activity across the University and develops sustainable procurement and supply chain strategies. She is a member of the Sustainability Steering Group.
  • The Sustainability Team is based in the Estates and Academic Environment department in Technopark. Email
  • Whether you are a student or member of staff, your views on and participation in these activities is crucial. Events will be promoted in staff and student newsletters and on social media via Yammer (internal staff networking site).
  • If you want to get involved, please email

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