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Mature students aiming for career change make LSBU first choice in Clearing

15 August 2019
LSBU Clearing call centre

More mature students are retraining and changing their career by applying directly through Clearing for a place at LSBU

Mature students (above 20 years-old) aiming to retrain, upskill, change their career, or otherwise get a ‘second chance’ to apply to university, are increasingly applying 'direct to Clearing' for a place at London South Bank University (LSBU).

The majority of LSBU’s Clearing applicants (60%) in 2018 put the University as their first choice and applied ‘direct to Clearing’, while just over two-thirds of this same group (68%) were mature students (above 20 years-old), according to an analysis of LSBU’s own figures for the last three years (2016-2018).

Students who apply to LSBU during Clearing typically no longer plan a year ahead or observe the traditional UCAS cycle Instead they conduct research ahead of time and deliberately choose to apply for a specific place on a course during the annual Clearing cycle.

This new trend at LSBU reflects a wider trend in the national university recruitment cycle, as supported by UCAS data for 2019, with Clearing now becoming a more viable option for many students. The data shows that universities see an ‘always on’ continuous approach to recruitment during Clearing that now starts much earlier, in July, and lasts until October.

Nicole Louis, LSBU’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “I am delighted that the number of mature students applying direct to Clearing for a place at LSBU remains high. LSBU is now ‘the University of opportunity’ for many mature students looking to upskill-or retrain at all stages of life.

“LSBU provides a wealth of attractive opportunities in terms of academic, professional and technical skills training. This is clearly a strong pulling factor for university applicants who weren’t able to access these options when they were 18 years-old.”

Joel Gregory, a mature LSBU student applicant who applied to study Journalism at LSBU, aged 26, said: “I never believed that I was university material, in fact I had teachers at school tell me that I wouldn’t amount to anything. At the age of 25 I felt that I had so many dreams and a university degree would progress my future.

“A friend advised me about Clearing so I applied and got accepted right away. It changed my life. LSBU were particularly helpful and this reassured me that I was doing the right thing.”

Miriam Vasconcelos, who applied to LSBU to Study International Leisure and Tourism Management, aged 21, said: “My experience of Clearing was very positive. LSBU staff were so helpful, positive and encouraging.  It all happened so quickly for me as well.

"I have since recommended applying to University directly through Clearing to my friends. I’ve just finished my degree and next month, I’m very excited to be starting my dream job as a Project Manager for a large tourism management firm in London.”

You can follow LSBU’s Clearing campaign 2019 live across our social media feeds just follow: Twitter #LSBUClearing, #LSBU2019, Youtube.

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