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We are focused on giving students a university experience of maximum value

Universities are expected to offer a personalised experience that anticipates students’ current and future learning needs. In this environment, long-term success is not only determined by the quality of teaching available, but also the quality of the whole student experience.

With this in mind, London South Bank University (LSBU) has become a member of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS).

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The ICS aims to assess and improve the level of customer service across the UK. They achieve this by conducting user surveys on the various areas of service offered by a business, organisation or university.

ServiceMark accreditations

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LSBU has received four prestigious ICS ServiceMark accreditations, in recognition of our provision of excellent customer service for students and staff alike.

The ServiceMark accreditation is a national standard that recognises achievement and best practice in customer service. It is awarded following customer satisfaction feedback, self-assessment and also independent assessment over a number of site visits.

LSBU is the only UK university that currently holds four ServiceMark accreditations, received for the university’s Accommodation Service, Library and Learning Resources, Student Life Centre and the Academy of Sport. A survey of over 1000 users of these areas of LSBU’s work revealed scores considerably higher than the average for the public sector, on measures of professionalism, friendliness, efficiency and quality.

Student satisfaction

The University has undertaken student satisfaction surveys in a number of teams: the Academy of Sport, Accommodation, Catering, the Library and Learning Resources Centre, and the Student Life Centre.

Across a week in October 2015, over 1,500 students were asked for their opinions on the level of service they receive from these areas of LSBU.

The results were impressive. The Academy of Sport reached the highs of “World Class Service”, scoring 84.5 out of 100, closely followed by the Library and Learning Resources Centre, the Student Life Centre and Accommodation, which all reached the Institute’s benchmark for good service.

LSBU has continued to collaborate with ICS during 2016 and 2017 to help gain further insight into both our internal and external customers, with multiple areas of the organisation undertaking satisfaction surveys. The results are used to drive continuous improvement and potentially lead to more ServiceMark accreditations.

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For further information on LSBU’s involvement with the ICS, please contact the Customer Service Advisor, Lydia Harris on

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